nike lunarepic flyknit,Jiang Chen and Zhang Yuheng reached, no doubt the wolf into the flock, is completely unilateral killings. The war situation is stalemate, in addition to Jiang Chen this piece is repressive advantage, the other three are comparable to the war, but to really win, or look at this piece of Jiang Feng. Xiao elders, full of unique skills, for a move to take this small white bastard dog life. Red face of the old man breathing heavily, whispered to the Xiao elders said. After the grips before, the two also found the tough Jiang Feng, Jiang Feng although there is no shot, but just the speed, it makes the two some too much. Nike ROSH RUN,Joking, Jiang Feng body strength of the imperial level there, but do not forget, Jiang Feng control spells the characteristics of the teacher when the spell is sufficient to give the strength of the body will have additional strength of the soul level, that is, Jiang Feng body strength Is the imperial class plus the imperial level of intermediate grade, which is completely close to the strength of Emperor level, it is two ordinary fist can be injured? The family looked at the following are all the elite kill, the hearts of two non-stop blood ah! Want to save, but was stopped Jiang Feng tightly, if the two only one person away, I am afraid that another person can not stop the number of Jiang Feng will be killed together, and now the plan, and only full with a trick to kill Jiang Feng Is the way to victory. NIKE SB,Erlao drink soon as the hands of a blue and a red light at the same time, a time, around the Aura is also crazy toward the hands of the two together. Jiang Feng is not a fool, naturally know that the two is to use a trick, and two emperor-level strong go all out under the trick, the power of large, you can imagine, even if Jiang Feng is not hard to take. Jiang Feng do not want to use the Double God spell spell, after all, the strength of each other is not worth Jiang Feng so consumed, killing chicken Yan with Tulong Dao? In the ghost town of the time, Jiang Feng from the charm of the boss had got that local low-level martial arts, when there are practitioners, and later Jiang Feng through their own so many years of martial arts comprehension, that martial arts transformation of some, but has no chance to use Out, at this time is it not the best test opportunities? nike
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