Dior SCARF,Around that sound. Such a strong coercion how may only have a half artifact? There is such a strong Aura to see that artifact is a look! Four hands of the attack suddenly meal, which is the artifact of the special effects field level than their weak will be affected! Although only a meal, but for Lin Yang is enough. This is his past life of a superb law, run to the extreme can escape lightning! Lin Yang Yun Shura from the shadow of a sudden become a little blurred, the human eye has been unable to keep up with his mobile footsteps, can only see a series of blur. Hermes SCARF,Such a clever step does not know where Yang Er is learned, I simply do not know. Seems to be white for him to worry about a. Lin Yue could not help but think of this smile. When he saw four are seven times when he wanted to shot, but now it seems no longer needed! This may be a good opportunity to sharpen it! Lin Yang afterimage just four people's attacks on schedule and if not just artifact that second now Lin Yang may have been hit! Boy quite a couple of it! LV SCARF,One of the men said fiercely. But soon he felt how wrong his idea! Lin Yang Shura shadows did not like him to imagine because of exhaustion and stop. But the more run faster, more and more urgent. Do you think my Shura fans will be so bad it? When he ran to the limit enough to escape the lightning! Men only think Lin Yang's voice came from all directions and made them a bit confusing things north and south. Ming - Wang - three - thorn! Lin Yang in the hands of the days of Yin Jian in the void with three points. nike
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