Hermes HAT,紐巴倫官網,Master, Miss! Master told you two to the living room! Housekeeper ah blessing came over and said. Okay, I know! I went to change clothes to come! Lin Yang finished then got up to go to his room! Grandpa this time we called to the living room to do? Is it home to what important guests? Lin family in the South Fire Empire status is still quite expensive to make grandfather to the face of the royal family in addition to the nobility of the other three families only! At this time there is no war royal people is impossible to come, it is only three family. LV HAT,Ten minutes later, Lin Yang went to the drawing room. Lin Dan is sitting in the main position, the lower left seat is sitting two men a little old and one. While Lin Yang's father Lin Yue is sitting on the right side of the first position. Usually a look of kindness, since he stretched his face. It appears here has just started a war of words. Lin Yao is sitting down next to the head of Lin Yue. Grandpa, good father! Uncle Murong good! Lin Yang approached the living room in accordance with the order to them all the line! Lin Dan's eye potential to be sitting in the Lin Yao's side! YSL HAT,Although the two families and not, but due to the face or have frequent contacts, with the family of the son of them all have a family of expectations and the man's blood. Lin Yang at the age of 13 before practicing Tianyuan force, so start later than others, Lin Yang qualification itself is very good with his diligent practice and Lin Yao this sister's instructions finally caught at the age of sixteen The Murong cloud. And before that the four big family of rookie contest Lin Yang always Murong cloud pressure weed! So the contradiction between the two was virtually to increase the!
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