Nike shoes,And only see that firm eyes, only to make people feel that Jiang Feng whole person and some vitality. Looked at the front of the sandbag size of the white flame red ice, because the violent energy is too strong, so that the surrounding space are more than volatility. Jiang Feng heart is full of confidence, if so kill you, I do not live. Old dog, by the death of it! Soul Emperor - spell double spells. With Jiang Feng's drinking sound down, white flame red ice as shells generally ejection out, across a red light, rapid rushed to the old man, the place, the space unreal, faint as the collapse of the elephant. Nike Sock Dart,But the speed of how fast any old man, but also fast-locking target Baiyan red ice, a moment later, the two collided. Countless Road is better than the glare of the sun several times the light shed,Nike男鞋, blinded the dog's eyes countless people. Rising from a very huge mushroom cloud, like a turtle head shape. A red ripple ripples such as water in general, spread in all directions away, see the end. For a long time, heard loud noise spread to the crowd, and even the whole city of Talin all ears. Smoke dissipated, the old man had just been established by the empty position, must have been blown bones were not saved it. Nike Zoom,Jiang Feng Jiang Feng brother bad smell, four at the same time exclaimed aloud, like sprint 100 meters in general, vying for the rapid rush Jiang Feng. In the blood of the enemy made a double check, told everyone Jiang Feng is just overdrawn, does not matter, cultivation for some time will be able to heal. Heard this, all the talent to calm down. At this point, the four looked calm Jiang Feng, almost at the same time recalled the shaking had just trick, it is difficult to have the kind of destruction days to destroy the strength and Jiang Feng linked. Unconsciously, Jiang Feng's deep into the heart of everyone, seems to have become the boss of the crowd.
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